Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer Blogging Wrap-Up / Fall TBD


Now that Summer is officially over, I think I better do a wrap-up!

This summer I was determined to bring an ease to my blogging schedule. I didn't stress over trying to do too much, but on reading instead. I ended up starting a fun meme to replace my Waiting on Wednesday posts (I haven't been following upcoming books TOO closely and wanted to focus on the books I already owned).

Creating The Random Indie was a great opportunity to share with you some of my blogging roots. If you didn't original book blog focused on little-known books and showcasing "unknown" authors. Here's a list of the books I chose to spotlight on One A Day Y.A. Every book was chosen with care, books I would genuinely like to read at some point.

This Girl is Different
The Saints of the Cross
The Waiting Booth
Secret for a Song

I also participated in a few blog tours, notably, Songstone, In Shadows of Magic and The Silent Swan.

Participating in many, many cover reveals and book blitzes also freed up some reading/fun time, gave me a chance to showcase more books that have piqued my interest, and share lots of author sponsored giveaways on the blog!

Most importantly, I read some of my favourite books of the year and was able to share my reviews of a few of them here. A Corner of White and The Summer Prince were just two of these.

Overall, it was an amazing summer. I was finally starting to feel myself again both physically and mentally and I think this showed in both my reading and blogging habits.


The start of the school year has brought some major changes to my life. My daughter started kindergarten and the beginning of this month! It's been great having the time to myself during the two days a week she is at school learning. BUT it's also been crazy busy trying to get a 4 year old to school on time, make sure she spends lots of time with us when she is home, and volunteering at her school.

This is probably my biggest news here: I am now a volunteer librarian! It has been amazing learning all about the school library and finally putting my education to good use :)

I love what I am doing, but it is also distracting me from one of my other loves: blogging.

So what's in store for Fall? Besides the blog tours, reviews, and book blitzes I have participated in before, I plan to do a few other things that have been on my mind.

First off, ZOMBIES VS. UNICORNS is going to have a showdown right here on the blog. What does this mean? I will be reading through one zombie story and one unicorn story in this anthology and awarding one of them the winner. Will I be on Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?

Book Discussion Questions. Because sometimes reviews just aren't enough.

And articles on bookish topics I feel compelled to write about or anything else creative and fun!

I feel like using my the max...this fall. Let's see what happens :)

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  1. Sounds like a great fall schedule. Isn't starting school exciting? Mikey is loving his school, even if he isn't great at sharing what he does each day.

    1. It's so exciting! Gillian loves going to school and she is already learning so much. Ha ha...I have that same problem..."What did you do today?" "I played with a boy." "Great. What else did you do?" "I played in the pretend house with a boy." LOL. I can tell when she mentions something she learned at school though and try to pry more out of her :) I think the best thing so far she says that books have bones. Because her teacher taught them all about the spines on a book :D I'm so happy Mikey is loving school too!

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